Visiting Us

We are located on the 3rd floor

5515 E Washington St.

Indianapolis, IN 46219


We gather at 10:30am on Sundays at the Irvington Lodge, 3rd floor, 5515 East Washington Street.


We provide child care for infants through 5th grade. The childcare check-in is located in the main lobby at the information desk. For more details about each of our childcare classrooms that we provide, please visit the “KIDS” tab on our home page.


We provide free refreshments at the back of our gathering space to help create a time and space for sitting and sharing with each other. Please feel free to enjoy this breaking of bread together at any time before, during, or after our gathering.

*We strive to serve Fair Trade/Equal Exchange coffee.


Mosaic celebrates the Lord’s Supper by sharing communion together each Sunday. All believers are welcome to share in this special time with us. At the appropriate time in the gathering, we will let you know where and how to share in communion.


Parking is available on Sundays in the lots behind and next to the Lodge, as well as the lot behind the Irving Theater and the lot at IPS school 57 (one block to the west).

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The Box

The Box is located by the exit and is used to collect the information cards and prayer requests. It also serves as our collection point for tithes and offerings.

Fifth Sundays

Each fifth Sunday, we try to extend our time together by inviting everyone to join us for a special lunch or similar event at which we can enjoy one another’s company and get to know one another better.