Our Story…So Far

The sea was angry that day my friends, like an old man trying to return soup at a deli. No wait, that’s how George Costanza’s story about saving a whale started!

Mosaic’s story started in October of 2005 (okay, actually it started about 2,000 years ago when the church was born, you can read all about it in Acts; but October of 2005 is when God began to share this particular part of the story with us). This was the first time that a couple of friends asked one another if God might have a church plant in mind for them. Over the next 2 years many more friends would join the conversation and seek God together for what this new expression of the Body of Christ would look like.

Leading up to Mosaic’s official launch in September of 2007, people left jobs, moved, cried, sacrificed, laughed, celebrated, and prayed together for this dream to become a reality. Locations were researched and our current (and wicked amazing) location at the Irvington Lodge was cemented just a couple of weeks before our first Sunday gathering.

Since then, we’ve been committing and recommitting ourselves to relationship. We push one another to dig deeper and find the joy and beauty that comes from living life together – with God and one another. We want the ideas of introducing and enhancing these relationships to permeate everything we do. We sincerely believe that God has never cared much about a building, a budget, or an attendance count but that He is desperately concerned with our living in right relationships with Him and one another.

And to that end, we strive to love God and one another well. It’s not always easy. Sometimes it involves conflict and confrontation, but it always involves love, forgiveness, grace, honesty, and transparency. It involves laughing and crying together, rejoicing and mourning together. It involves many things together, but the key is that we believe it’s all happening together.

So our story is one full of ups and downs, twists and turns, highlights and nights we wish we could forget. Our story is one of real people journeying together to live out our belief that Jesus is recreating us in His image; that He is busily at work within us and through us and all around us.

And maybe the next page is about you?